Game Farm function facilities available

Tala Manzi is an exceptional venue for any function ranging from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries ...

Tala Manzi Game Reserve can accommodate about 60 people per function / event, but groups of up to 120 people can be accommodated with additional arrangements, we also have a variety of rental equipment available. Please contact management for further enquiries.





Breakfast with the renowned Johnny Clegg


Attractions in the area :

The Marico Eye :


The eye of the Groot Marico River is about 25km from Tala Manzi Game Farm's main gate. The eye is well known in scuba diving circles, it is one of the favorite freshwater dive holes. The crystal clear water with depths of up to 18m is ideal for diving exercises as well as training. The eye is also the origin of the Groot Marico River that feeds the system with constant fresh water. The eye is a must-see part of the Marico's ideal experience.


Mampoer Tasting :


The tin cup full of peach brandy in the hand of Uncle Schalk Lourens...

Herman Charles Bosman's loved character has throughout all his stories had his favorite drink in sufficient quantities on hand... Like Uncle Schalk's peach brandy, mampoer that is, part of Marico's cultural heritage.

Mampoer is a traditional drink distilled from the fruit of the Marico area. Although Mampoer is mixed in a wide variety of liqueurs and other drinks, a fair amount of human 'guts' is still needed in large quantities to enjoy this drink, neat...

On Marunthwane you can become acquainted with the area's famous distillers, Uncle John and Aunt Sarah Jordan. Mampoer tasting and tours can also be arranged through them (mobile : 083 239 6662)


Twist of lime (Restaurant) :


For those who do not feel like cooking for themselves, there is always an alternative. Groot Marico nowadays has a very interesting and unique eatery. Not even 8km from the main gate of Tala Manzi, dishes of exceptional quality are being served.


Herman Charles Bosman Campsite :


Herman Charles Bosman is undoubtedly one of South Africa's best known writers and poets. In Bosman's explanations in stories most of the scenes plays out in the Marico area. It is only fitting that the Herman Charles Bosman society seemed it good to establish a campsite, with replica of the former school where Bosman was schooled, set up in Groot Marico. Every year a Bosman festival is held to honor this remarkable writer.

For more information, Egbert or Santa van Bart can be contacted at the Marico Information Centre. (Mobile - 083 272 2958)